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The Masquerade Mini by Juvia is a makeup eyeshadow palette from the makeup brand Juvia’s place. I decided to go for ‘The Masquerade’ in particular because of the shade of colours. The shades on this particular palette are really awesome. They are more subtle shades and since i am not really a heavy makeup kinda person, i figured this would be best for me. One thing with subtle eyeshadow is that you can actually wear them during the day and won’t necessarily have to look like a masquerade.LOL! I’m not saying non-subtle colours will have you looking like that but i’d rather go subtle all day and everyday. Now, let’s get more serious and talk about what i think about the product.


It’s actually so easy for me to write about it cos this is the best palette i have come across. The size, it’s not so mini like the name implies, it’s actually pan size. The appearance of it is top notch to me. I am a fan of packaging and Juvia’s Place is known for doing just that on every makeup product.

Next is to the feel of it. Well for me, this product while applying feels very very dense with matte and metalic mixture which makes the colours an everyday use or occasional. You can switch up anyway you want. For me i feel anyone who likes a neutral or subtle colour when it comes to palette, should go for ‘The Masquerade by Juvia’s’!

I hope i was able to help you pick that makeup eyeshadow palette?


Alcone Company, Stop The Sweat

This product actually wowed me and just as the name implies, it stops sweat. Yes, you read that right, it actually stops you from sweating. i’ll say this is my favorite makeup product. Without it in a day, my makeup will be in for a disaster.

I get really sweaty and oily in my T-Zone areas. By T-Zone areas i mean my nose, forehead, chin and area circling my mouth. Since i started using this product, i noticed my face feels dry all through the day. As in, for 24hrs, it locks in my makeup leaving my face dry and fresh all through the day.


This product is a clear liquid and so it needs to be applied with a cotton wool. What this means is that to apply, all you have to do is to soak a cotton wool with the portion you want and gently rub it in the areas you know you would sweat. After application, you have to leave it to dry before proceeding with your other makeup products. Very easy yeah?

What i noticed?

Well, i don’t think it should be used daily. Aside that, you are good to go!😋

I hope this review was helpful?!