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When it comes to skincare, men have kept it really simple but over the years, they have started looking for ways to achieve the younger looking and radiant skin. Before we proceed, it is important for everyone to know their skin type and to go through the skin-type test so as to know the type of skincare product that’ll be suitable for your skin.

To help men develop a healthy skincare routine, dermatologists have recommended some tips that we would be talking about:

Wash Your Face Regularly

Always ensure to wash your face regularly especially after exercising and make sure to use a facial cleanser and lukewarm water, not hot water also avoid bar soap beacause that contains chemicals that may be harsh to your skin.

Moisturise Daily

Applying moisturiser to your skin immediately after bathing or shaving while the skin is still damp helps lock in water which reduces fine lines and makes your skin appear bright and young.

SPF Is A Big Deal

Sun damage happens when the sun hits your skin directly, which can cause wrinkles, aging and even skin cancer. To avoid this, it is best to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or even higher and always apply it whenever you sweat or every 2 hours. You can also protect your skin by wearing sunglasses with UV protection or even hats that are wide brimmed.

Be Careful When You Shave

Always use a moisturising shaving cream whenever you want to shave and make sure to change the blade after five to six shaves. Whaen shaving, always make sure you rinse after each swipe of the razor. If you are someone that experiences bumps, razor burns or in grown hairs, always make sure to use a double blade razor when shaving to reduce irritation.

Always remember that there is actually no particular skincare that works for every skin and this is because everyone’s skin is different. All you have to do is make sure you do the skin type test to find out they type of skin you have and use products made specifically for your skin type.

Hope this post was helpful?




We all know how important good music is. It uplifts your soul when you are down and also has the power to mend broken hearts. Healing from a broken heart can be really painful and a lot of people turn to so many things when they are heart broken. To some eating solves it while to others, it can be exercise, hanging out with buddies, hiking, shopping or even grabbing hobbies. No matter the category you fall under, music will always be your go-to. At least it is mine, and it has been with me through every heartbreak. Lol!

Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’

This rock-n-roll style of breakup anthem just helps you not to let a breakup make you feel less of yourself. The song motivates you to think more of yourself and not just feel like the typical girl that was dumped.

Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’

We all know Lizzo’s theme is based on a reminder of how you should love yourself. Well, someone who just got out of a relationship, needs that reassurance. This song is there to remind you that you are amazing and your ex will definitely miss out on all of your amazingness.

Sam Smith’s ‘Dancing With A Stranger Ft. Normani

We all know all of Sam Smith songs almost sound like breakup songs and that’s why when you get to his songs on your playlist, there’s usually a pause. Lol! you should listen to this- The song is about looking for a shoulder to cry on when your partner ain’t there no more.

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I don’t know if it’s just me this happens to or it happens to everyother person out there. 60% says i am not all alone. Well, there are so many signs to tell if he’s into you as much as you are into him. Most times, we get confused because a guy says one thing and next, he’s doing something else. Well, it is really important to take note of their actions because well, talk is cheap and their actions is what we have left to determine if the feeling is true or not. If you are unsure if he’s into you or not, this piece is for you. Check out for these signs to know.

Will Always Find A Way To Reach Out First

That’s the very first thing. A guy that likes you will always be the first person to reach out, if you have to ask yourself who will reach out first or you are always the one to make the first move, then the guy probably isn’t into you. Men are born chasers and will do anything most times to get the girl they want. Now in reaching out, we have to also watch out for how and when he reaches out cos that can also be a sign. For example, a guy that reaches out to you in the middle of the night only probably after a druken night out, or his idea of a first date, is at his place. Then you probably have to watch it with that one cos we all know where that ends. Lol!.

Plans How To Spend Time With You

A guy that is truly into you will always pay attention to the things you like so he can actually do it for you. For example, he notices you like fancy dinner dates, he plans that for you. Note that not all men know how to plan, but in this case, his effort counts. It doesn’t have to be perfect cos knowing he actually tried, is a plus. Not always about coming to his place to Netflix and chill!

He Seems Really Determined

A man who is into you seems not to back off. He keeps coming and coming hoping to get a yes from you. Just like i said earlier, men are programmed to do the chasing. If he is truly into you, he’ll keeep coming until he is really sure that you are not interested. Yes, guys hate rejection but if you encourage him even in the smallest way, he’ll keep coming. I have heard a lot of ladies complain that they like a particular guy but he hasn’t asked them out and they begin to wonder if they probably havn’t been warm or obvious enough about their interest but most times, that is not the reason. If he likes you, he’ll keep chasing until he is entirely sure that you are certainly not interested.

His Behaviour When He’s Around You!

Does he make eye contact when he’s around you? or even make silly excuses just to touch you. That can be a sign that he’s into you! At this point, you also have to pay attention to how you feel when you are around him. Do you get the butterflies when you are around him? or you feel really good when you are with him. That may as well be a sign from your end too.

He Always Listens

I always say this is a plus. If a guy likes you, he’ll always listen to what you have to say. Not just hear you, but he will listen carefully and pay full attention to all of the things you say. If a guy isn’t into you, he won’t listen and won’t even pay attention to what is happening with you. This involves not asking questions at that moment and later, when it comes up, he’ll tell you that you never mentioned it. The pitch you had at the office or even the job interview.. He will be less concerned. This is also the part you have to pay attention to his body language when you are talking to him. Does he look lost, in his own thoughts or looking for something better when you are talking to him? all these things are signs that he isn’t really into you.

You Feel Him Opening Up to You

If he hides things from you like his past present or future plans, then that is definitely a turn off. If he likes you, he will be eager to bring you into his life and also excited to take you to his favorite spots, meet his friends and family and also to open up to you. Also, if you have a feeling that he isn’t being real with you, that’s also a sign that he really isn’t into you. He should relax around you and tell you his plans which involves dreams. Dreams can be a really sensitive thing for a guy to talk about because he can actually fail in achieving those dreams. So, if he tells you all this, he probably is into you.

He Deeply Cares About Your Needs

If a guy is into you, he’ll definitely put your needs into consideration. Now, i’m not talking about giving you money, i am talking about thinking about you before taking decisions, making compromises to meet your needs and he will do all this out of his own free will and not because you forced or talked him into doing it. Now, i know so many people that think a guy is responsible or is obligated to make them happy. Well, it is not so and this is because no one is actually responsible for controlling how happy you get, except you. It is more about caring about you in a relationship and this comes naturally if he is really into you.

Now, if a guy is into you these are some of the things you will notice and not all. Feel free to tell me what you think in the comment section. I also hope you found this post helpful?



                 HOW TO ORGANISE YOUR

Ever looked at your wardrobe and wondered ‘how did i get here?’ well, it has happened to the best of us. Whether you are someone that finds it really hard to get rid of clothes and for this reason, you have clothes from when you were a baby piled up in your wardrobe, or you are someone that loves to buy every clothe in the store but gets home and ends up not wearing any of them, well, santa is here to tell you that there are really simple ways to organise your wardobe, and it’s not even christmas.(Haha) so, it’s time to ditch those clothing and make room for the important ones.

In this article we will be discussing the easy ways i use to keep my wardrobe clutter free, which helps with getting ready in time, without stress. These tips should work even if you are someone like me that secretly wishes you could wear those fav tees and jeans every single day. Lol!

  • CLUTTER FREE; The first step to having that boss wardrobe is to leave it clutter free. This helps you know what you do and don’t have in the wardrobe. It also helps in maximising the space in your wardrobe. There’s literally no need to keep clothes that you don’t wear. it’s either you do one of these three things which are, give them out by donating, consign them or just throw them out. For people who like to pile up clothes they don’t need, this may be hard. But then, it’s either not your size anymore or was never your size, so, you really need to let it go.
  • LET THEM ALL HANG; Another great way to have a boss-like wardrobe is to hang all of your clothes. This is essential to those who really don’t like to fold. I really do not like to fold so i use this method and i can tell you that so far, it has been a saver. I remember when i was still in the university, i had someone build me a wardrobe that had a rack for hanging and a little space for keeping my books. Funny thing about this was that the wardrobe also had no doors so it was easily accessible and i didn’t have to worry about folding clothes. Looked like that problem was solved.
  • ORGANISE BY COLOR; Saves you a whole lot of time especially when you are in a hurry to organise by color. That way, you get to know where everything is exactly. This has helped me over time and i’m sure will help you especially when you know the color you want to wear for that particular day. In addition to color, organising it by season helps too. For example, if you have all your harmattan clothes hung in a particular section, it’ll be easy to trace. All you have to do is to look on the rack and you will see it just hanging there.
  • EVERYTHING SHOULD BE IN THE RIGHT PLACE; You should always ensure you keep everything where they are supposed to be. For instance, if you bought designer bags, you should ensure they are where they are supposed to be (dust bag) just to keep it looking new and also fill them up with stuff so that they don’t lose shape. You don’t want to spend so much money on a bag and have it ruined cos you didn’t take care of it.
  • SHOES; The best way is that they should be in boxes, by boxes i mean cardboard cos that way they can have enough also, you can save yourself some trouble my writing the name of the shoe inside each boxon a paper tape and then paste it on the box. Atleast that way, you don’t have to open every box to know the type of shoes that’s inside.
  • Other things to consider will be the type of hangers you use for your clothes. Make sure to get quality ones.

I hope this piece was helpful…




Since our skin is the largest external organ and also the largest organ in general, it is essential to know the type of skin you have so you would know the best way to care for it. Before reading this article, it is important to note that this article is not to praise some certain skin types while looking down on some others. All skin types from normal/combination, to oily, is unique in its own way. This is an article to help you realise how beautiful your skin is and how best to take care of it. Moving on, the three main skin types of skin are commonly referred to as Oily, Normal/ Combination and Dry. There are a couple of ways to do the Skin-type test but we will be talking about the tests you can do easily, even at home.



This method is so easy to do. In fact, it’s the easiest method for me and i’m sure you will find it easy too;

  1. Wash your face. Leave it clean and clear, completely free from moisturisers or toners.
  2. Allow it to dry.
  3. After 30-25 minutes, it’s time to examine: If you experience any shine on your nose and forehead, you likely have Normal/Combination skin. If you experience any shine on your forehead, nose and cheeks, you likely have Oily skin. If your skin feels parched especially when you smile, or make any other facial expression, or even feels dry, you likely have Dry skin.

Whatever the result is, don’t worry. There are so many makeup products out there for every skin type. All you have to do is, always read and watch reviews on products as much as possible, in order to know which to buy for your skin. Yes, Rita has got y’all covered.




Having the perfect bridal shower can be really overwhelming for any bride-to-be but the truth is, you don’t have to worry about all of that if you have the right people by your side who are ready to go the extra mile to make sure the last moments you spend as a spinster, is actually memorable. A couple of people don’t know these things, but these moments actually do count. A couple of years after the shower, you will look at those bridal shower pictures and smile knowing you had either some of the best people to support you or the worst. If you had the good friends, know that they did all they could to make sure it turned out as much fun and eventful as possible. Attending a bridal shower motivated me for this piece, without much chit chat, let’s delve right in.


After much research, i decided to break down the steps to having a fun-filled shower into five steps and they are listed below;

  • LOVING PEOPLE AROUND YOU: Having people that actually love you doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be many. It can be a few people or even just someone who is willing to make sure you have fun and a good time to remember, someone or people who will make sure noone or nothing spoils your fun no matter how tiny it is even if it’s a waitress just being rude. For this particular bride, it was Sola. Sola won’t let anything spoil her friend’s mood or day so she was there early to plan things and make sure everything was in place.
  • KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: For some ladies, knowing what they want can be like picking one flavour on a  coldstone creamery ice cream menu. Well, who wouldn’t be confused by that? hahaha. Knowing what you want can actually ease the whole process. You can start by picking the theme you want or even if you don’t want a themed party. You can pick the colour you want and all that and before you know it, you will be ready.
  • KNOW YOUR BUDGET:Knowing your budget is actually another important aspect of planning. Some brides-to-be prefer their friends to contribute, while some others just do it all on their own. Some friends even plan secret bridal showers. So, whichever it is, knowing the budget helps in having the perfect bridal shower.
  • LOCATION: Of  course this will be incomplete without talking about the location. If you want it to be in your house, a hotel, an apartment, a bar, a beach or anywhere but just make sure it’s somewhere you are comfortable with. Also, know if it’ll be a sleep over or kinda a do and go thing. So, if it isn’t a surprise and it’s a sleep over, people can actually plan.
  • GET A GOOD DEAL: Get a good deal, there are always good deals everywhere if you go round. Be flexible, don’t be scared to compare prices but go for the most convenient and also the best. Don’t forget to book on time too as booking on time helps you discover really good deals.

The bridal shower i attended was actually well planned, and fun-filled. The location was actually booked a month ahead and it was an apartment. According to the best friend/party planner, they decided to go with the choice of the apartment because they had a good deal. A really good deal that saved them from paying extra money for buying food (food that may not even be what they want). Who doesn’t like being economical on things like this? LOL. They however decided to cook their own food in the apartment, so, they were allowed to bring in food and drinks. After cooking and having a blast at the party, swimming was next on the fun to-do list. Though there was a little misunderstanding on the guest list for the swimming pool and people in there at that moment, didn’t want to share the pool and in fact, wanted a private party. So, we had to postpone the swimming till the next morning before checking out. Thank goodness for that little misunderstanding at the pool cos i wouldn’t have been able to take good pictures to share with you guys on here, plus, we were too exhausted to swim… The next day sounded like the perfect idea. Yayy!

Next day before check out, we went to the pool fully clothed and ready to swim *wink*. We had a massage session, an exercise session and next is the Mani- Pedi session. Too much fun right? Nothing like too much biko. Hahahaha. Believe me when i say the bride-to-be had the best time of her life (in her own words) and we were super excited. If you ask me i’ll say “Get a Sola in Your Life, She Plans the Best Parties”!!