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BIONIC Control what they think;   this power isn't frugal submission, sacrifice, obedience;      I don't do the heights we can't and we don't;    somethings to be proud of; from everything comes nothing;    this immortal is intrinsic;        behind this concept     lays humility. As written by, Dandamien.

All About Palm Trees

Ever seen palmtrees and just wondered why we have them lurking around? well, i'm here to answer your questions. Just follow me on this palm tree ride. In History In so many cultures in history, palm trees have been used as food, many products and have also been a symbol of ideas such as

Born-Free South Africa

After the election which was held from 26 and 29 April 1994, in South Africa, where millions of voters stood for long hours on queues which were over a kilometre, South Africa conducted its first multiracial election. In the past, it was white people that were allowed to vote because South Africa suffered great

Am I Living Or Existing?

This was a question i asked myself the moment someone special told me he felt i wasn't living but existing. It sounded like he was being insultive at first, but it took me a couple of days to figure it out that i was never really living but existing. I had gotten to the