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Tips To Get Glowy And Radiant Skin

If you are reading this right now you are either searching for answers to flawless skin for black women or looking for tips on skincare. Now, you are wondering how i know. Lol!

I know all this cos so many of us dream of having that glowing and beautiful skin but this can be a big problem cos of the endless products out there, and the series of advice we get on the internet today makes it even more difficult to get the right skincare routine to use.

We all know the normal skincare drill of getting enough rest, not sleeping with makeup on and drinking enough water but most of these skincare tips out there never get to talk about the things you need to do in between all of this.

Today guys, we would be talking about all the in-betweens of all the skincare tips out there that you were never told and you know what? i won’t be talking about expensive skincare products you need to buy to add to the ones you already have. I have to put together a list to help you achieve that flawless skin. So, keep reading.

The Right Cleanser Is Key

Always use the right cleanser for your skin. This means that for every skin out there, there is a cleanser for it. So you have to make sure you are using the right cleanser for your skin type to get the right result.

Don’t Use Too Many Products

Using too many products all at once is not a good idea cos there are so many down sides to it. It can be harsh on the skinor even cause acne and clogged pores. So, you have to learn to use few products. If one type of product doesn’t work, you can switch to another one but never layer product upon products on your skin.

Stop Touching Your Face

This is a huge no no because it doesn’t just make you have wrinkles and breakouts, it is a good way to spread bacterias aroud cos you don’t know what is on your hand and where it has been. Atleast, you can’t see it.

Do Not Forget Your Healthy Diet

We know how hard and tempting it can be to eat junks but you have to remember how important is to not just your overall wellbeing but your face too but if you are not so good with greens, chlorophyll supplements can also be the way to go. This helps with puffiness by stimulating lymphatic system, and that means it is good for cellulite. Also a shot can oxygenate, brighten and hydrate your skin. Also, drinking green juices with a lot of veggies in them like celery can give your skin the glow it deserves.

Always Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I know so many people are on this table. Well, not washing your makeup brushes can leave bacterias hanging and you know what happens to the?? they perch on the brushes and then stay on your skin when next you use those unwashed brushes. So, not washing your makeup brushes is another way to transfer bacterias to your face which can cause breakout or even acnes. Wondering how to take care of your makeup brushes?

Here’s how to do it: Put a little bit of shampoo into the palm of your hand and wet the brush, massage the shampoo into the bristle and rinse off. Continue this process till the brushes are all clean. To dry it off, you can either use a tissue or a towel to dab the bristles till they are a bit dry. To dry them fully, hang them off the edge of a counter.

NB: Remember not to get the handle of the brush wet.

Change Your Beddings Often

It’s good to get enough sleep for to have healthy skin but changing your bedsheet and pillow case also matters. Changing pillow cases and bedsheets regularly prevents creasing and wrinkles.

SPF Is As Important

Sun protection is not just for sunny days and for lighter skinned people. It is for healthy skin also. It is really important to make sure you use sunscreen all year around or products that contain sunscreen and if you can;t do this, you should get sunglasses then or a hat to protect your skin from the sun.

Exfoliate More Than Once In A week

To fight the amount of skin cells we lose in a day, it is important you exfoliate more than once in a day because if you don’t exfoliate, the dead skin may hang around  looking all sullen. Who says exfoliation is just for your face? well, you should exfoliate your whole body.

Using skincare products is not bad at all but using them wrongly is bad and can even alter the effect of the product. So, you have to make sure you use them the right way.

I hope this post was helpful?


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