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Liverpool football club lifting the English premier league (EPL)

In the world of football, we have experienced a lot of drama, like the falling of the stronger team and rising of the weaker team in a football match. Now, to the real note of the topic for this article, English premier league (EPL), where the football club (Liverpool FC) leading with a whooping 25 points ahead of the second sport club (Manchester city FC).

Liverpool FC on their side have been present in the league competition, even since the league was still known as FA cup, Barclay’s premier league and now the  English premier league. Liverpool on their side, have never won the trophy since the 1989/1990 season (almost 31 years ago) as we can equally say they have never won the English premier league.

Now the 20/21 football seasons where the season is in favour of them, the pandemic seems to have shattered their dreams of becoming the champions of the English football. With the pandemic taking over the world activities, which football seems not to be an exception, Liverpool is left with 2 games to be pronounced the champion of English premier league but the outbreak has basically lynched people.

The football profession in relation to how the pandemic is being contacted, makes it so easy for football activities to be suspended indefinitely until the virus’ cure is found. Now, the question on the lips of many is; Can Liverpool be crowned the champion of the English premier league (EPL) after so many years of trying and waiting?

Written by; Wahab Sodiq

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