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Let’s talk about her net worth because Selena’s net worth is mind-blowing! her personal life has been busy with breakups, rekindling romances and health issues but the singer/ actress has not let that stop her from working. Let’s break it down;

  1. Television earnings; Many of you may not remember but Selena was a regular on ‘Barney and friends’. It may not seem likemuch now but at that time she made $3,000 an episode. She made a total of $100,000 for her role on Barney which is a pretty good paycheck for a kid right? She had her breakout TV role as the star of ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’- The gig paid $30,000 an episode. At 106 episodes, that’s an estimated $3,180,000.
  2. Income from Movies; Selena has starred in a variety of films and TV movies. Her movies ‘Monte Carlo’ earned her $2.5 million. ‘Spring Breakers’, which was a more mature role, earned her another couple million and the chance to step out of being seen as a Disney child star.
  3. Singing Career; Selena has seen much of her success from her singing and music career. She has sold 24.3 million songs and 3.4 million albums. With her top selling ‘Revival’ aalbum going platinum and selling 413,000 copies! Since 2008, she has made about $15 million in music sales. In the first year, her net worth jumped from $250,000 to $8.5 million. By 2014, she quadrupled that number. One estimate has her making 6.8 million a year since 2009. Her Star Dance Concert Tour grossed an estimated $11 million.
  4. Personal endeavours; In 2008, she started her own production company, July Moon Production, which has produced some buzz worthy content like Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’. In 2018, she launched her own fashion line ‘Dream Out Loud’. Both passions helped drive up her net worth.
  5. Endorsements; Selena has a warm, fun personality that brands want to get behind because her success equals their success. She has used this to her advantage and contracted multiple endorsement deals. She partnered with Coach to promote purses and accessories for $10 million. Her Pantene deal earned her around $3 million and she recently signed a two- year $30 million endorsement deal with Puma. The deal makes her the new face of Puma alongside Rihanna.
  6. Social Media; With $138 million followers, Selena is the most followed celebrity on Instagram. Her social media posts are worth $550,000 each! That’s a shinny penny for a photo.

So, what’s her total net worth you ask? Selena gomez’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million! Not bad at all for someone who is in her twenties!!


Speaking to Raquelle Stevens for her podcast Giving Back Generation, Selena opened up about the body shaming she went through during her health issues. Selena said that dealing with judgement online was really difficult. She was really candid about what it was like to have people attack her online. She said “I experienced body shaming with my weight fluctuation for the first time,” “I have lupus and deal with kidney issues and high blood pressure, so i deal with a lot of health issues, and for me, that’s when i started noticing more of the body-image stuff”.

She says her weight fluctuates for various health related reasons, explaining that “It depends on even the month, to be honest, so for me, i really noticed when people started attacking me for that”. She added that being judged ‘got to me big time’ and ‘really messed me up for a bit’.

Selena now says she’s much more private with what she shares on social media and how much time she spends in the spotlight, explaining this she says “I’m very happy with living my life and being present. Because that’s it.

Similar to me posting a photo and walking away; for me that’s it. I will do a red carpet, i will do whatever; i don’t need to see it, i participated; i felt wonderful and that’s where the extent of it is. I don’t care to expose myself to everyone and hear what they have to say”. I guess Selena isn’t going to let anyone pull her down as she’s still putting work out. With her new singles ‘Lose you to love me’ and ‘Look at her now’ enjoying massive airplay. Go girl!!

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