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As at August 05, 2020, 13:23 GMT, there have been 18,749,252 cases around the world, of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak with 705,287 death cases and recovered cases of 11,959,377 with 6,084,588 currently infected patients amongst them 6,019,163 (99%) in mild condition and 65,425 (1%) in serious or critical condition. Recovered/ discharged patients stand at 11,959,377 (94%) with deaths at 705,287 (6%).

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Hi! Welcome to my little space on this part of the planet. My name is Rita, and i am a performing artist (by trade). However, you won’t find much of what I studied in school on my blog, i think what you’d find would be what I have learned so far from life’s lessons that has kinda influenced my writing (Lol). . . Read more

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